Have you ever felt like life was zapping you with all your energy?

Perhaps you’ve been weighed down by an unshakeable feeling of negative energy or a desire for new beginnings. Amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we often forget to reconnect with the natural world, missing out on its unique energies.

One way to harness these intense powers and infuse positivity into your life is through using crystals.

Crystals, nature’s beautiful gifts, have been used for centuries for their healing properties. Each holds a unique energy resonance, capable of interacting with our bodies to promote calm, healing, and positive energy. However, like us, these crystals also need to recharge and cleanse, and this is where the power of the moon steps in.

Charging crystals in the moonlight, especially during a full moon, is a practice as old as time itself. At its most energy during this phase, the moon’s energy is believed to cleanse crystals and charge them with its powerful, calming energy. This charging process rejuvenates your crystals, enhancing their properties and aligning them more closely with your set intentions.

But what if the clouds roll in, obstructing direct moonlight? Or what if the moon is in its waning phase, supposedly carrying less energy than the full or waxing moon?

Moreover, there’s a sea of information on correctly charging your crystals—for example, some advice against leaving specific stones like amethyst and malachite in direct sunlight. In contrast, others suggest using salt water, a singing bowl, or a tuning fork for cleansing and charging.

Navigating these bits of advice can seem overwhelming, and you might even question if you’re doing it right. The good news is, no matter where you are in your crystal journey, this ultimate step-by-step guide to charging crystals in the moonlight will provide you with all the necessary information.



Why is the Moon Used for Charging Crystals?  


The moon, with its alluring glow and mystical pull, has been a source of fascination for cultures around the world for millennia. But it’s not just an object of beauty or a celestial body that controls the tides. In healing crystals, the moon – especially the full moon – plays a cardinal role in charging crystals, infusing them with more energy and positive energies.

One might wonder why the moon is the perfect time to charge crystals. The moonlight is believed to possess powerful energies that can cleanse, recharge, and amplify a crystal’s energy. This natural earth light source emits a soft, feminine power, contrasting with the sun’s masculine energy.

Sunlight and moonlight thus work in harmony, with the sun providing passion for life on Earth and the moon offering a time for reflection, rest, and recharge.

When placed in direct moonlight, a crystal can absorb these potent energies over several hours. This moonlight charging procedure increases the crystal’s power and cleanses crystals of any negative energy they may have absorbed.


The Unique Properties of Moonlight Energy  


As opposed to sunlight, moonlight carries cool, calming, and intuitive energy. It’s gentle yet powerful and can help balance any harsh or negative energy lingering in your crystals. The moonlight’s energy is particularly potent during a full moon, an ideal time to charge your crystals.

Interestingly, the moonlight’s energy varies with the phases of the moon. For instance, a full moon is perfect for charging and cleansing crystals, while a waning moon can help release negative energy or habits.



How Moonlight Enhances the Crystal’s Properties  


Placing your crystals, such as malachite, under the moonlight allows them to soak up the lunar energy, enhancing their inherent properties. For example, if you have a crystal grid set up with specific intentions for healing, the moonlight can boost that healing intention, making the crystals even more effective.

One of the most significant benefits of charging crystals in moonlight is that it helps cleanse them. The cleansing process is crucial for maintaining the crystal’s energy. Just like a sponge used to clean up a mess, crystals can become filled with absorbed negative energy over time. You effectively cleanse them by placing them in the moonlight for a few hours or overnight, leaving them energetically fresh and potent.

Moreover, charging your crystals in the moonlight is a practice deeply rooted in the earth and nature. It signifies respect and connection to the planet’s natural rhythms. Crystals come from the earth, and charging them under the moonlight is a way of returning them to nature, even briefly, which helps maintain their balance and vitality.

How to Charge Crystals in the Moonlight?  


Step 1: Collect Your Crystals  

The first step to charging your crystals is to gather all the stones you wish to energize. This includes crystal or stone. Malachite should always be kept inside due to its susceptibility to sun damage. After gathering your crystals, cleanse them to remove any harmful energy.

Step 2: Prepare Your Surroundings  

Choose a safe outdoor area where your crystals will get the most moonlight throughout the night. Consider a covered location where the crystals can still absorb the moonlight if you’re in a room with frequent rain. Ideally, this should be a place undisturbed by artificial light. If you can align the crystals towards the cardinal directions, it can add an extra layer of energy to your ritual.

Step 3: Arrange Your Crystals  

Now it’s time to arrange your crystals. Some people prefer to set them in a crystal grid, a geometric pattern that amplifies the crystals’ power.

Others may spread them out. The key here is to ensure that each gem is exposed to the moonlight, not overshadowed by others. Also, remember that these stones should not be exposed to sunlight, as the sun’s strong energy can overpower the delicate power of the moon.

Step 4: Set Intentions  

Next, take a moment to set intentions for each crystal. Hold each crystal in your hand, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. As you exhale, imagine your breath carrying your choice into the crystal. You might wish for healing, love, clarity, or protection.

Some people like to light a candle during this process to symbolize the light of their intentions being absorbed into the crystal. Setting preferences is crucial to charging your crystals, as it personalizes their power.


Step 5: Leave Your Crystals Out Overnight  

Finally, leave your crystals out overnight to bask in the moonlight. The moon’s cycle will affect the charge; a full moon provides the strongest force, perfect for charging your crystals. However, any phase of the moon will work, as all moonlight carries the soothing, feminine energy that benefits our crystals.


What are the Best Crystals to Charge?  



1. Moonstone  

As the name suggests, Moonstone has a special connection with the moon. This crystal enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, and brings success to love. When bathed in moonlight, especially during a full moon, Moonstone becomes supercharged, amplifying its energies and properties.

2 Clear Quartz  

Clear Quartz is known as the ‘master healer’ of crystals. It’s a powerful crystal that absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy. When charged under the moonlight, it becomes even more potent, amplifying the energy of other crystals and promoting clarity of mind. It’s a versatile gem that can be used for various purposes.


3. Malachite  

Malachite, with its rich green color and complex patterns, is known for transformation and protection. While it’s often suggested not to place malachite inside in sunlight due to its sensitivity, moonlight can charge malachite without causing any harm, enhancing its healing and transformative properties.


Which Crystals Cannot Be Charged?  


Not all crystals are created equal when it comes to moonlight charging, and some require a touch of extra care.

While the soft, gentle glow of the moon can be a perfect charging agent for many crystals, selenite, and lepidolite are two exceptions. These crystals have a unique composition that can make them less compatible with moonlight.



Selenite is a delicate crystal, and although it’s known for its high vibrational energy, it’s not suitable for charging under moonlight. The reason behind this is its unique water-soluble nature. Exposure to moisture, including the dew often accompanying the night, can slowly erode the crystal’s structure over time, reducing its potency and aesthetic appeal.



Similarly, lepidolite is a mica mineral that is sensitive to water. Leaving it outside overnight to bathe in the moonlight might seem like a good idea, but the potential exposure to the night’s moisture or rain can damage its flaky structure.


Final Thoughts  

It’s important to remember that the act of charging your crystals is as much an art as it is a science. It’s a journey that’s deeply personal and unique to each individual. You may find that what works for others may not resonate well with you, which is perfectly fine.

Charging your crystals under the moonlight is an age-old practice that many swear by, but remember, there’s no set rule that says you can’t experiment with sunlight either. You might discover that the warm, radiant energy of the sun offers a different, yet equally empowering, charge to your crystals. The key is to ensure your crystals are well-cleansed before you expose them to any form of energy.

Try to harness the most energy possible when experimenting with sunlight and moonlight. This might mean leaving your crystals out for an entire day and night cycle or choosing days when the sun and moon are at their brightest.

However, always remember that some crystals may not respond well to prolonged exposure to the sun. It’s essential to research and understand the specific needs of your crystals to prevent any potential damage.

As with any spiritual practice, the most important thing is to trust your intuition. Your personal connection to your crystals and the intentions you set are what truly matter in the end.

Happy charging!