Manifestation can help you achieve your desires. With the right manifestation techniques, you can attract positivity and bring a profound change in your life.

Manifestation is all about turning your dreams into reality. It requires you to take proactive steps towards the person or thing that you desire.


Let me remind you that the process of manifestation is a slow one. It doesn’t give you instant results but takes a long time to take effect.


Manifestation is like a thought process that is based on the idea of ‘mind over body.’ The human mind is a powerful tool and when used the right way it can help you achieve anything you desire.


This brings us to the manifestation techniques you can use to get what you want. In this manifestation guide, I will walk you through some of the manifestation methods that work. If you want to manifest your desires and get what you want in your life, you must give this article a read.


How do manifestation techniques work?


Before I take you through the manifestation techniques, let me tell you how it works.

When you desire something in your life, you create a positive attitude towards it. To manifest good things in life, you need to amplify your thoughts with strong feelings.


Many of you must have heard about vibrational frequency. I am mentioning vibrational frequency because it is present in everything around us.


As per the law of attraction, two objects vibrating at the same frequency attract each other.manifestation techniques

Our thoughts also vibrate, which means we can attract other things with similar vibration frequencies. In simple words, positive thoughts attract positive things in life and negative thoughts attract negative things.


Most Common Manifestation Techniques That Work


These manifestation techniques are not just for the famous and rich, but for everyone who wants to achieve their desires in life. In this section, I have explained some of the most common methods of manifestation that will give you results. Follow these methods and witness a major change in your life.


  • Clear your mind


Every individual has a set of pre-existing beliefs which influence their behavior. Many of these beliefs are transferred from parents to children. Growing up, a child imbibes various beliefs. Unlike adults, children are not capable of determining whether to keep, reject, or modify these beliefs.


Before you try to manifest your wants and desires, you need to reassess your beliefs. You must revaluate your beliefs and get rid of all negative ones that are detrimental to your success.


Anxiety and fear are two of the limiting beliefs that create hurdles in your manifestation path. The best way to get rid of your fears is to approach them head-on and make them disappear.


Once you make it happen, you will feel lighter and happier. You will experience more positivity in your actions and thoughts. When you clear your mind of all the limiting feelings, you develop a positive attitude which helps you to find the path to your success.


  • Fill your mind with positivity


Both happiness and sadness are a constant part of our lives. But to manifest your desires you need to attract positivity in your life.

manifestation techniques

People who are expert in manifesting their desires, they always try to stay positive. You can develop a positive attitude by being nice to people around you, smiling at them, giving them compliments, and uplifting their mood. Anything good you do for others will come back to you as a positive feeling.


Besides that, you should also compliment yourself for every good thing you do or come across about yourself. But at no point, you should ever fake it. To make this work, you need to honest with yourself.


You can maintain positivity by surrounding yourself with like-minded people. Indeed, not all days are the same. Some days can be rough, but you shouldn’t give up. You shouldn’t let the negative feelings reach you. If you let that happen, you will get derailed from your whole manifestation framework.


  • Start believing


Manifestation techniques work only when you believe in the process completely. As a beginner, you may need some guidance to improve this area. You need to learn to ignore the warning signals sent by your brain. Instead, you need to make yourself believe that anything is possible even if it defies reason and logic.


When you desire something, you need to trust the process of achieving it. You cannot have a speck of doubt in your mind. No matter, how much your mind forces you to ditch the process; you need to stay stick to it. Unless you trust the process blindly, you will not get the desired results. This is the biggest manifestation hurdle that newbies have to overcome.


When you harbor positive thoughts, it helps you to control your mind. You should surround yourself with like-minded people as they can be helpful in the process. Visualizing your success is one of the most powerful ways of manifesting your desires.


  • Live in the moment


This is one of the most important techniques that people forget about. Compared to other manifestation methods, this is easy to incorporate into your life. Living in the moment is very important for a successful manifestation. In case, you didn’t know it helps you to achieve your wants faster.


I understand how badly our mind wants to think about the future or dwell in the past. But instead of doing that, you need to live in the moment. This means you need to alter the default settings of your mind.


It would be difficult for you to feel positivity if you continuously live in your past or worry about your future too much. You must experience your present. When you think of achieving a goal in the future, you need to work hard towards it. Remember that your future will always remain the future. It will not turn into your present.


For a successful manifestation, you need to live in the present moment and stop living in the past.


  • Switch on your receptive mode


When you develop a strong desire to get something, you need to take action and send signals to the universe that you are ready to achieve your desire, both emotionally and physically.


Talking about emotional level, you must mentally prepare yourself for receiving the wish. For this, you need to calm your mind and teach yourself to be patient. You need to fill your heart with love and positivity.


Physically, you must make certain adjustments that are needed in your life. These changes are needed to receive the wish when granted. For example, finding time for your relationship or acquiring the qualification for your dream job, etc.


  • Powerful Positive Affirmations


Whether you attract positive or negative energy in your life, it’s up to you. However, anybody will understand that it is important to focus on positive feelings and thoughts. By doing so, you can reach a higher vibrational state.


But when you surround yourself with negative thoughts, you achieve a lower vibrational state. Feelings of shame, frustration, guilt, anger, and self-hate are all negative and therefore, you should get rid of them. This is how you can create a powerful vibrational shift in yourself.


The way we feel and think about ourselves is very important. When constructing your power affirmations, you need to be in your higher self.


Power affirmations are simple statements but they declare a specific goal as if they have already happened. It is a highly effective way to communicate with yourself and reach your subconscious mind. That’s because you are utilizing the power of repetition.

manifestation techniques

When constructing your power affirmations make sure you keep the following points in mind:


  • You should start the sentence with the words I am.
  • Be very specific
  • Be very clear and concise.
  • You must state your affirmation very confidently.
  • You need to state your affirmation as if it has already happened or happening. This is why you should use more present tense.
  • Insert a feeling word into the sentence.
  • You need to say them out loud and clear every day.


Constructing power affirmations and repeating them daily takes time and effort. You can try subliminal affirmations where messages are hidden within audio recordings. Because they are subliminal affirmations, it makes a very powerful method to employ in your everyday routine.


  • Vision Boards


If you are very visual, you will like this method. This is a creative and fun way to focus on the things you want to manifest into your life.


You have two options; you can either build your vision board using your mobile phone or choose the old-fashioned way of cutting out quotes and pictures from books and stick them on a board.


This process is time-consuming, but I promise you will have a lot of fun doing it. You need to first collect the quotes and pictures of the things you want in your life. It can be anything such as financial stability, new relationship, etc.


Once you prepare your vision or dream board, place it somewhere where you can see it throughout the day. You need to make sure that you put complete focus on your desires. By doing so, you can communicate it with your subconscious.


If you have prepared the vision board on your phone, you can even save them as your wallpaper. Understand that our subconscious mind learns through repetition.


The best way to communicate to the subconscious is through repeated exposure. This is a slow and steady method, so you need to be patient.


Some things may take longer to manifest than others. All you need to do is stay focus and not give up. You have created this vision board to help you focus on the positive things in your life and eliminating negative ones.


  • Use the 555 method


This is one of the most popular methods of manifestation. Almost all manifest practitioners have used it once in their lives. But what exactly is it?


The 555 method uses affirmations in a very structured way. This method can help you stay focused on your desires while providing a simple-to-follow process of repetition.

As I already mentioned in the previous point, the subconscious learns through repetition. This is why you need to retrain your subconscious and align it with the frequency of your intentions. But above all, you need to have a very positive mindset.


Think of that one thing that you want badly and focus on it. You need to be very specific in this aspect.


Ask yourself how your life would be in the next 5 days. Think of all the things you need to change to achieve your desire.


Write this affirmation down 55 times on a piece of paper and repeat it for 5 days in a row.


You need to be positive and believe in the process for it to work.


  • Gratitude Journal


If you want a quick and easy method, then this is for you. To manifest your desires into your life, you need to use positive thinking. You need to be grateful to attract bigger and better things into your life.

manifestation techniques

I would suggest you maintain a gratitude journal. This will make you more aware of the things you should be grateful for.


Write down the 5 things that you are grateful to have experienced that day. We all have certain aspects of our life that we dislike. You need to develop gratitude for those things as well.


For instance, if you hate your love life, you need to learn to be grateful for the partner you have. Similarly, if you are not content with your financial situation, you need to be grateful for whatever money you have.


Manifestation techniques can prove to be very powerful if you use them correctly. To manifest your desires, you need to first have a positive attitude to attract positive things in life. You can follow these methods to achieve the goals in your life.