Laws of attraction lottery when done right can help you win the biggest lottery of your life. Go through this guide to know how it is done.

I often get asked by my clients if the laws of attraction lottery work. So here I am answering shining some light on this topic.


For someone who knows how to use the law of attraction can win the lottery. So the answer is yes, it is possible!


The universal law of attraction is a very powerful thing. It can make anything work if you asked for it in the right manner. You just have to know how to do it.


You are lucky to have found this page because I am going to tell you how to make the law of attraction lottery works. If you have been waiting to win the biggest lottery in your life, you should go through this guide to learn the secrets.


Important Points to Note


Before you try to manifest to win the lottery numbers, I want you to keep these pointers in mind.


  • You create your reality


You are the creation of your reality. All situations in your life are created by you, without any exceptions. If you ever feel your life is messy, you have created it that way. So if you want to improve your life, it is you who have to take the steps.



  • Believe that you have already won the lottery


  • laws of attraction lotteryTo manifest something, you need to believe that you already have it. We live in a multiverse and some of them; you have already won the lottery. So you need to tune yourself into that. The best way to do this is by making yourself believe that you already have your desire fulfilled. You need to use the power of your imagination to see it is done until it becomes done. This is how the law of attraction lottery works. You need to fill in the vacuum created by you to restore balance. 
    • Forget about odds


    We, humans, are always filled with limiting thoughts. But if you want your manifestation to work, you need to get rid of all your limiting thoughts and beliefs. You need to believe that you can manifest the odds in your favor. Once you know what you want, you need to think that it is already yours. There’s simply no room for odds. Remember that upping the odds is not your thing to do. Instead, you must focus on your reality.


    • Be more confident


    You need to be confident about what you want. If you want to win the lottery, be clear about it. You shouldn’t have any second thoughts on your mind. When asking the universe for it, you need to show that it is what you want.


    How to use the law of attraction to win the lottery?


    Winning a lottery is not easy. Repeated failure can lead to de-motivation. But you can overcome this with the help of the law of attraction. For someone aware of the potential of this concept will understand what I am trying to say.


    If you want to win a lottery, you need to first create an intention for the same. Also, you need to be very specific about the lottery you want to win. For instance, if there is any specific lottery that you have your eyes on. The steps that I am going to share for the laws of attraction lottery are more specific. It will help you to manifest the lottery and make you win. So without wasting any time, let’s get to the details.


    1. Ask the universe


    When you want to manifest anything in your life, asking the universe for it is the best way to get it done.


    When I say you to ask it from the universe, I mean demand it. You need to be confident about what you want. Also, starting the process of manifestation by asking the universe shows exactly what we are looking for.


    I would suggest you practice asking for things. It can be anything, big or small doesn’t matter. You need to show the universe that you are worth it.


    I have heard many people skipping this step. But it could be the reason why you are not winning the lottery. You need to ask the universe and then start the process. I suggest the same to my clients as well.


    I guarantee you will see some changes when you start the process by asking. You can ask for anything, it doesn’t always have to something that you trying to manifest.


    So you have created your intention and asked the universe for it. Half of your dream to win the lottery is done here. Now you need to believe that you have already won the lottery. This is a very crucial step that will help you to manifest your desire to win the lottery faster.


    1. Visualize yourself winning the lottery


    The next step is to visualize your winning. You need to visualize and believe that you have won the lottery. By doing so, you can manifest a win more efficiently.


    Some of you may find it difficult to visualize the details at first. But as they say, practice makes a man perfect. You need to practice visualizing your winning the lottery. Follow these tips to make the process easier:


    • Try to visualize yourself doing the things that you want to do with the lottery money you won. Make sure you are engaging all your senses while visualizing.
    • You should admire the ticket in every way possible. Look at it, smell it, and check the numbers. Make yourself believe that you will win this lottery. If you have any specific type of lottery that you want to win, visualize that.
    • You don’t have to put a specific number on the lottery ticket. There could be many reasons why you are not winning the lottery. One of the reasons could be that you are using specific numbers over and over again. If you are doing that, stop it immediately. You need to let the universe speak through you and choose the numbers for you.


    I would suggest you want to trust your gut feeling. However, it is easier said than done. When looking at the lottery ticket, blur out the numbers. While visualizing, I want you to imagine that the lottery wants you to win just as bad as you want to win it. I am sure; this is not something you have done before. A lottery is a money tool and it wants to be with someone who deserves it.


  • laws of attraction lotteryWhile visualizing, remember to engage all your five senses. This is a very important step that many of you tend to ignore or forget. 

    Imagine the person you will become when you win all that money. However, I am not asking you to turn yourself into a greedy monster. Instead, you should imagine yourself as a loving, generous, kind, loyal, and passionate, millionaire.


    1. Be loving and generous


    To make your manifestation method work, you need to first change your attitude. You need to be more generous and loving because these things are positive. When you have a positive attitude, you attract only positive things in life.


    The feeling of love and generosity can take you to the next step. When you visualize yourself winning the lottery, remember who you are going to become when you get the money. Remember the things said in the previous pointer. You need to imagine yourself as a generous, passionate, loving, and kind person.


    When you are grateful for something, you increase your gratitude for people who have won the lottery. Google people who have won the lottery and congratulate them for winning. This is something out of the box and by doing it, you will feel great.


    You need to get better at being grateful. To make it happen say genuinely grateful things in your mind right after waking up and going to bed in the night. It can be anything that feel grateful about. This will help you to boost your energy and reach a point where no one can stop you from winning the lottery.


    This is a very powerful way of manifesting amazing things in your life. You need to have gratitude and grateful for the things in your life.


    1. Get ready to receive wealth


    This step is my favorite step where you need to get ready to receive wealth. But it will work only if do it right.


    Most of you are so focused on winning that you no longer receive. I know it is hard to understand for someone who is using this process for the first time. What I am trying to say is that you are stressing too much about winning. When you give too much importance to winning, you end up losing the universe by showing that you are being needy.


    Let me give you an example. When you lean on something, what happens? You push it away. This is why you shouldn’t lean on something. Just stop giving so much importance and realize that it is already yours.Make yourself realize that you have to let go. This will help reduce your anxiety and even clear your doubts. I know it is not that easy, after all, we are all humans. But with practice, you can get better and better. You must do this until you win the lottery. At some point, you will realize that it has slipped out of your mind, which will be the best thing to happen.


    The Secret Step


    I have included an additional step just for you guys. If you want your law of attraction lottery method to work, you must follow the things I say. This secret step has not only helped me, but also many of my clients. I want you to trust it and do as I say.


    I find this step to be very powerful. But before that, you need to realize that winning the lottery is not the only way of receiving money. This is why I want you to let go of your dream of winning the lottery. But you are still going to buy the lottery ticket and follow all the steps I discussed before.


    I want you to trust your gut feelings. No matter, what you are in your life, start imagining yourself as a millionaire. Think about the things that this money can do for you and demand it from the universe.


    Write down 10 reasons why you want to win the lottery. If you have more than 10 reasons, even better. It doesn’t matter whether your reasons are small or big, just write them down. You need to be very clear with your thoughts while writing down the reasons. Some of you may ask what if the law of attraction thinks you are being greedy. I say you don’t have to worry about that. The universe knows that you want this amazing thing in your life. And why would the universe stop you from having good things in life?


    Forget about everything else and write down your reasons to win the lottery. You will soon realize that your visualization, your belief, and your gratitude have amplified tenfold. That’s because now you have 10 or more reasons to win the lottery. But don’t forget to visualize yourself as a generous, kind, happy, and loving millionaire. This will help you keep the money.


    The laws of attraction lottery is an amazing thing. If you can do it right, you can win the biggest lottery of your life. To make the process of manifestation work, you must follow all the steps mentioned in this post. The concept of the law of attraction is a powerful one and not everyone gets it right. This is why you should practice the law of attraction with smaller things, so you can use it for bigger things like winning the lottery.