People are often skeptical when first starting with subliminal message motivation. That’s because the results are more subtle than overt. So how long does it take for subliminal messages to work?

Before I answer this question, I would like to remind you that the results will not be heavy-handed. I have seen some of my clients seeing results in just a few days, while others take several months.

The time taken for subliminal messages to work depends on a variety of factors. It largely depends on the person using it and what they want to achieve. I would suggest you all not stress over timelines as it is not good for your mental well-being. Also, no one can give you a concrete answer to such concepts.

What is subliminal messaging?

Subliminal messaging is more common than you think it is. It can be defined as the process of conveying information in a way that only the subconscious mind can register it, while the conscious mind remains unaware.

Subliminal messaging can help you to execute what your subconscious mind receives. The information relayed can be in a form of text, images, or sound. The idea of tapping into our subconscious minds and coercing it is both exciting and scary. In my experience, subliminal messaging can help you do extraordinary things.

How long does it take for subliminal messages to work?

The most common question I receive in my YouTube videos is how long does it take for subliminal messages to work?how long does it take for subliminal messages to work

Let me tell you that it is not that easy to tell exactly how long it takes to work. It is influenced by several factors including the effectiveness of the message, a person’s beliefs & morals, the person using it, resistance to change, and how often the person sees, listens, or smells the message.

I can only give you an estimate based on the above factors. Most people I know can start seeing results within 26 to 30 days. However, some people can see results earlier as well.

Depending on the person it can take a few days to several months. A person who is exposed to the message frequently will take 2 to 5 weeks to recognize and act on them. But during this time, you will only see very few changes. The major changes take place after 3 months or 90 days. Sometimes, it can even take up to 6 months to see permanent results. Therefore, I would suggest you be patient and give it some time to work.

The time it takes for you to see the results depends on your resistance to change. You need to truly desire what you want and whether it is right for you. It is possible to reprogram your subconscious mind. You can do it through positive affirmations, which require you to write down every day. Other methods you can try are subliminal or hypnosis.

how long does it take for subliminal messages to work

Studies show that the majority of people take around 1 month to see noticeable results. But like I mentioned before, it’s not the same for everyone.

Factors Affecting Subliminals to Work

Like I mentioned earlier, certain factors impact subliminals’ ability to work. I have already answered how long does it take for subliminal messages to work. Now let’s talk about these factors in detail.

  1. Resistance to change

Not everyone is built the same. Some are easy to persuade, while others are stubborn. The problem with stubborn people is that they are not easy to persuade even if they know they should change. On the other hand, open-minded people will see speedy results.

  1. Expectations

This is yet another important factor that affects the Subliminals ability to work. People who expect to see subliminal messages are likely to see results quicker than those without any expectations. I mean if you deny the chances of having subliminal messages, it will take longer for you to see the results.

  1. Frequency of use

If you are using Subliminals frequently or throughout the day, you are going to see results faster than those who see it just once a day.

  1. Proper usage

If you are using a video, you will have to watch it to feel the effects whereas, if you are using a tape, you will have to listen to the whole long does it take for subliminal messages to work

How long do Subliminals work for?

Many of you want to know the time for which the Subliminals work. Well, this one is hard to answer.

Based on studies, regular use can give you permanent and long-lasting results. It has the potential to change your outlook and attitude. The motivation you get can even last for a lifetime.

Studies conducted on advertising style Subliminals show different results. A subliminal boost like a photo with a word gives you only 25 minutes of rush.

To conclude, it is not possible to give a concrete answer. That’s because results vary greatly based on the Subliminals used and the way they are administered to people. You see not all Subliminals are the same.

What to expect from Subliminals?

Subliminals are like smart tools used to improve your life. When used correctly, they can help and change your life significantly. However, the results are not always easy to spot.

The changes brought into your life by Subliminals are not immediately noticeable. So don’t expect to see results overnight. It is a long process and takes time before you start seeing semi-permanent changes.

The secret is to use Subliminals regularly and have faith in it. By doing so, you will surely see changes in your life for the long does it take for subliminal messages to work

How to tell if Subliminals are working?

So how do you know whether subliminal messages are working or not? The results of subliminal messages are very subtle. So if you are expecting to see overtly noticeable changes, it won’t happen that way.

In my experience, Subliminals help you do what you already wanted to do. That’s because it is related to your subconscious mind. However, there are certain cases where you can tell if Subliminals are working.

  • You are feeling the urge to work on things that you have been avoiding or delaying. In other words, you will experience decreased procrastination. It is one of the most common signs that show Subliminals are working. This is especially true in cases, where you choose a subliminal related to your academics or schoolwork.
  • In some cases, you may not realize it but you have accomplished a lot of things in a short time. This indicates an increase in productivity. If you are feeling the urge to work more, your subliminal message is working.
  • You are no longer feeling excited about overeating or junk food. If you are using Subliminals related to your dieting, you should expect to see these changes. When these signs start to show you won’t have to put effort to control your eating. It will happen automatically.
  • If you are using subliminal messaging to control your mood and notice your stress levels reducing, it is working. Subliminals can improve your mood. You will feel better than before and have less stress even though you can’t figure out why.
  • You will find it easier to stick to commitments. If you are someone who always flaked commitments, you will see a change in yourself when Subliminals start taking effect.

If you notice any of these signs, you know your Subliminals are working. Some of you might see the results just after 2 to 3 sessions. For others, it may take up to a month or more. The key is to stay patient.

What to do if your Subliminals don’t work?

This is very rare where Subliminals don’t work. If you feel that your Subliminals are not helping you, there must be something wrong. In that case, you should do the following things to troubleshoot your issues.

  • The first thing you should do is check how long you have been using them. It takes around 1 month or more for it to show results. If you haven’t used Subliminals for long, hold your patience and have faith in it. You need to give it time for it to work.
  • You can consider changing your Subliminals. Sometimes, you may end doing the wrong things. In such cases, you should switch up things and see what happens.

You should also check how you have been talking about your Subliminals. If you are constantly doubtful about the results and talk about how it won’t work, you will internalize the message. This is why you should be more open-minded, instead of being skeptical.

how long does it take for subliminal messages to work

How to get subliminal messages to work faster?

Few ways can help you to get subliminal messages to work faster. If you want faster results, you should follow what I am going to explain next.

  1. Consistency and repetition are the key

We humans have a very short attention span. We keep shifting from one subliminal to the other. If you are doing this, you will not get any results and end up getting disheartened.

I would suggest you fix your mind on your favorite subliminal(s) and use it repeatedly. You must expose your mind to these Subliminals frequently and that too for long durations. This will help the message to sink into your mind.

In other words, you need to be more consistent to get the desired effect. As you become proficient you will see changes and get better results even with lesser input. When you prepare your mind for manifestation, you get faster results.

  1. Use Subliminal/LoA Boosters

This is yet another method that can help you achieve faster results. Subliminal or LoA boosters can be used to condition your subconscious mind.

These affirmations are designed to help you get rid of all limiting beliefs and blockages that may restrict the effectiveness of the subliminal messages. They help enhance your faith in the power of Subliminals, manifestation, and the law of attraction.

Now the question is how to use subliminal boosters? There are different ways to take advantage of these boosters. I have listed some of the methods below.

  • You should listen to these boosters at least 3 to 6 times every day for 1 to 3 months. Make sure that you do not focus on any other subliminal(s) during this period.
  • You should listen to the booster twice every day. One time in the morning after getting up and the second time before going to bed at night. You should repeat this till you get the desired results.

These subliminal boosters are powerful. Make sure you use them as explained above.

  1. Visualization and journaling

Another way is to visualize your desired outcome every day. By doing so, your manifestations will appear faster than normal. I would suggest you create a short scene and then play it in your mind over and over again. The best time to do this is before going to sleep.

You need to visualize in the first person with extreme detail. Engage all your senses and try to make things as vivid and real as possible.

However, if you are unable to visualize in detail or are blind, you should try out journaling. This is yet another great tool for speeding up the process. You must write down your manifestations in your journal whenever they happen. This will help you to strengthen your belief and faith in the power of subliminal messaging. This in turn will give you what you desire the most.

Also, the practice of writing regularly is has a therapeutic effect on your mind. It is an effective way to consciously shift your focus towards what you want in your life.

  1. Letting go to manifest to get faster results

After listening to the subliminal(s) and practicing the law of attraction exercises, you should let go of any attachment you have for your desires.

Having doubts, resistance, worries, limiting beliefs, and anxiety will only delay the manifestation from happening sooner. Let go of these thoughts you’re your mind and engage yourself in your hobbies and work. Occupy yourself, so that it helps you to take off your mind from your desires.

Do more those things that give you happiness and make you feel better. Subliminal messaging is meant to improve your life. Therefore, you shouldn’t get too obsessed with it. The secret to manifestation is letting go of the desires completely. But it is always easier said than done.

  1. Play Mp3 subliminal messages during the day

Although it is said that the best time to listen to subliminal messages is when the mind is in a receptive state, you can also listen to it during the day.

If you are wondering whether our mind can absorb Subliminals while we are awake, the answer is yes. During the daytime when you are awake, your brain functions with beta waves. However, your subconscious mind can still absorb new information. The only thing is that we can reach our subconscious mind easily during theta and alpha waves.

During the day, you don’t have to access your subconscious mind. All you need to do is absorb the Subliminals automatically. One of the effective ways to use subliminal messages is to play Mp3 in the background, while you work, cook, take a bath, etc.

  1. Take action

The concept of subliminal messaging and the law of attraction is not clear to many people. This is why many of them find problems with it.

You need to get rid of your resistance to action. Remember, our bodies are designed for motion and not to stay stationary for long. If you just sit on your couch wishing and hoping, you will feel more tired mentally.

Being stagnant is not good for us humans. You need to keep moving no matter what. You must use your time wisely and take action to move closer to your goals. This will make you feel more alive and energetic. This in turn will make things happen faster. You will see things that you desire drawing close to you. So get up and start working.

So these are some of the best and most effective ways that can help you get faster results. Try some of them and you will surely notice the difference.


Subliminal messaging is a tool that people both hate and love. You love it when it gives you results and hates it when it doesn’t. To get the desired results from Subliminals, you need to first check whether you are doing everything right. You need to have a positive attitude, expose yourself to the Subliminals frequently, and everything else that is required to make it work. You already know how long does it take for subliminal messages to work. If you do it right, you will get faster results and if not, it will take you several months. You should follow the methods explained in the above post to make the Subliminals work faster. Subliminal messaging has the power to change to your life for the better.