No matter what we did, they never seemed to want to reach out to us. This is probably why you’ve searched how to manifest someone to contact you.  We’ve all been there before. There’s been someone, somewhere, at some point or another in our lives that we’ve wished would contact us.

how to manifest someone to contact you


In this article, I will explain what’s going on behind the scenes that might be repelling this person. You’ll understand how these situations work, and you’ll understand what you can do about it. In other words, you’ll understand how to get someone to contact you if that’s still what you really want after reading this article.

Earth can be thought of as a school for the soul. Every single situation or circumstance in your life is created by your being for you to learn and grow and ultimately experience joy and goodness. Each time you learn a lesson, you’re brought closer to your true nature which is that of love and light. The circumstances you find yourself in are a direct representation of the vibrational state of your entire being. In other words, the overall vibrational frequency of your being matched the overall vibrational frequency of your circumstance. This, therefore, means that if someone is ignoring you or if you perceive that someone is ignoring you, your being has a role to play in attracting this particular circumstance in your life. 


The soul came here to learn lessons as stated above and our being is bigger than we realize. Sometimes we don’t learn the lessons at the time that we’re supposed to, and the information gets stored in our being, only to be manifested into reality at a later date for the information to be processed and the lessons to be learned.


A general rule of thumb you can use when your physical circumstances don’t match what you want in reality is to question your motives for your desire (to see if this is a true desire or not) and to look to the hidden parts of your being to ascertain whether or not there is a block there that is preventing whatever you want from showing up or being created in your physical life.


If you want someone to contact you but they’re not contacting you, usually it’s either that your being is producing an overall desperate or needy vibrational frequency, this is not your true desire or it has completely to do with the person’s life path and circumstances. It may not be about you at all. Either way, read on and you’ll learn more about how to manifest someone to contact you and more.


Now regardless of if it is about you, if it’s not your true desire or if it is completely about the person, you may want to address the desperate or needy part of your being. No matter the reason, if you’re experiencing profound pain because of their absence, then this is something worth addressing. It will repeatedly manifest in your life until you resolve the issue. Also, if you still decide that you want this person to contact you, you will need to address the desperate vibrational frequency that you’re giving off anyway because even if they do end up contacting you, you’ll attract another painful circumstance alerting you to the fact that the situation needs your dire attention.


Now, with that being said, we’re still able to use our minds to achieve things we never thought possible. 


If your mind, heart, and soul is still telling you to contact this person, I’ll go through some manifestation techniques you can utilize. Remember, you are your internal reference point. No matter what any internet article may say, your intuition knows best for you, so follow it. Now, these techniques will work as far as you’re able to carry out the process without whatever doubt may be held in both the conscious and unconscious part of your being and it will work as far as it does not affect the free will of the person involved.


The process of manifestation works generally by imagining what you want in the mind and then actively and passively bringing it into existence.


Pending your ability to carry through this process without resistance along with the person in question’s free will, the following steps will aid you in manifesting contact from the person you desire.


How to manifest someone to call you

how to manifest someone to contact you


1. Train being – meditation & yoga 


This is more of a lifestyle change one would want to implement in order to increase the efficiency of one’s manifestations. Manifestation at its heart is about aligning your being with your desires in order to experience your desires in the physical reality. Meditation and yoga can be thought of as tools one can use to train or tune one’s mind, body, and the rest of the being. These practices make the practitioner more aware of the different aspects of the being and they allow the practitioner to be more aware of its connection to the divine. This combination strengthens the mind and the being in general and its ability to manifest.


2. Be sure that this is what you really want 


Psychoanalyzing the motives for your desires will help you determine if this is a true desire of yours or if it is a desire rooted in some undesirable and unhealthy mental conditioning.


3. Analyze self and find blocks in your being 


Once you have determined that your desire is true, it is time to gradually identify the blocks in your being that might be holding you back from being in alignment with your desire. In the case of getting someone to contact you or follow you on Instagram or something of the sort, the case might be that you’re giving off an energetic vibration of desperation/neediness/lack.


4. Resolve blocks


Now that you’ve identified the blocks that might be holding you back, you need to work on resolving them. Addressing childhood issues that might be causing your behavior through psychotherapy is an example.


5. Be the person 


Now that you’re on the way to resolving the blocks in your being, it’s time for you to start embodying the person who matches your desire. Replace those old thoughts you’re processing with new ones that match who you are now. If you’re trying to get someone to contact you, you’re working on thinking, believing, feeling deeply, and acting like you’re someone who deserves to be contacted by the person of your desire. You don’t need their contact, but you deserve it. If all of your beings don’t believe it when you say it, that’s ok. You’re a big being and it’s a work in progress. The rest of you will eventually catch up. 


6. Imagine/visualize with intention


Just as an architect must use the imaginative and visual aspects of his mind to draw the plans of a house in order to bring it to life, so too do we bring our desires forth firstly in the mental realm. Visualization with intention is a powerful creative force we can use to align the conscious and unconscious parts of our beings to our desires. It allows us to energetically manipulate parts of our beings which has a ripple effect on the rest of our being. Visualize your desire. Once you understand this process, you’ll understand that what you visualize without a doubt comes to life.


7. Be


The last step in this process is to just be. Just as when you order a product online, you go back to living as normal until the product arrives. You detach yourself to a large extent from the outcome because its presence in your life is already more or less mentally guaranteed. You can treat your visualizations in the same way. They are a mental order you place from the universe. This doesn’t mean that you don’t continue to embody the person who matches your desires. You do, but it’s now automatic as you’ve done the work to resolve the issues. However, to be clear, there will be no magic point where all your issues are resolved. We’re a work in progress and we exist in multiple states of being at any given time.


8. Repeat 


Though simply laid out, this process can be an arduous one. Mindvalley is a metaphysical university which enriches its students in areas such as this. If you want to go deeper into the subject area, you can check out their courses and free resources here.


Some people often have similar questions such as the ones listed below. The same concept and techniques can be applied to answer each question.


How to manifest someone to follow you on Instagram?

how to manifest someone to contact you


It’s going to be the same concept. Visualize with intention. Use your mind’s eye to picture the person following you on Instagram and detach from the outcome and go about your daily life until they follow you.


How to manifest someone to come back to you?

How to manifest someone to call you

Same concept. You can attain pretty much anything with visualization and intention. Be as descriptive as you possibly can and declare that it is already done. Detach and wait for the person to show up in your life. You have to trust that if it’s meant to be, it will be. There is a divine order to things.


How to manifest someone to love you?

how to manifest someone to contact you

We advise against trying to manipulate the free will of another. That will only cause bad karma upon yourself. But if your soul is insistent that you must have this person, you have to show up as the best and truest version of yourself, employ the manifestation tactics explained above and allow divine timing to bring your desires to you. 




In closing, you now have all the tools you need to effectively become the person who attracts contact from the person of their desires and much more. Now you understand what’s happening behind the scenes and it will be much easier for you to manifest someone to contact you.