Want something in your life crazily? If so, 55×5 might be your final destination. Try the technique and get ready to achieve it.

If you are a spiritually inclined person then you must have heard about the Law of Attraction. And if you have been around this powerful attraction long enough, then there are a lot of chances for you to know about this technique called the 55×5 technique of manifestation. If not, I am going to introduce you to the same. And for the readers who aren’t aware of the manifestation process or who don’t have any idea about the law of attraction, it’s time you awaken your mind and soul and introduce yourself with spirituality and the law of attraction.

This manifesting formula is super powerful if done correctly. Yes, it is connected with the law of attraction and demands great attention of your conscious and subconscious mind. Try this for fulfilling your desire. I am sure the results will be positive. If not, the process will be implanted in your mind which will help you in the future guaranteed. Browsing the internet will make you aware of the success stories. By using the 55×5 formula you are actually colliding your positive vibrations with the power of the universe. When two powers unite it forces your affirmations to transform into reality.

55×5 formula is actually very simple, yet it needs high positive vibrations and a clean mind.


You think about something you want very deliberately (your goal or any desire write it down 55 times consecutively for five days in your journal. A single day shouldn’t be missed and at the time of writing, no disturbance is a big no here. In short, it’s writing your desire 55 times for 5 days. Your vibrations should be high and your mind should be positively energetic. There shouldn’t be any gap between the days and taking a break while writing is also not recommended. Have faith in your energies and the universe.

How do you use the 55×5 formula?

  • Choose an affirmation

Here, I would ask you to choose any one desire which you want to be manifested. Think about all of the desires and select which desire drives you crazy. While choosing you have to keep these in mind to make it more powerful. Be specific, don’t make the affirmation too lengthy, choose something that drives you crazy when you think about it being manifested, and remember to create the affirmation in the present tense. Past and future won’t work here. And last but not least do inject gratitude while writing.

  • Write out your affirmation

Once you choose the affirmation, write it down in a manifestation journal. Wait, this is just not the end of the step. The technique is called 55×5 for a reason, right? You need to write your one sentence affirmation 55 times in your journal and you should do this without taking a break. Now, while writing, eliminate negative thoughts and be super positive. You can manifest your affirmation while writing. Think about the scenario after you have manifested it. Your full attention is needed in this step

  • Repeat for 5 days

Writing the affirmation should be written for 5 days. There is no alternative to it. Your excuses won’t work here. You can miss out on a day only if you can afford to lose your manifestation. I believe you won’t want to do that. Taking out half an hour from your life every day for 5 days just for your dream to get manifested surely is not a big deal, right?

  • Trust the Universe and observe the signs

Once you are done, if you pay close you will start receiving signs from the Universe that what you have asked for is on its way. Not necessarily it would come to you as per your expectation. Anything can be a sign so be alert. Have faith in the universe, it will never let you down.

Some unknown facts about the 55×5 Manifesting Method

The manifesting technique of 55×5 is a law of attraction trick, which is simple and easy to follow. You need to write your intentions on a piece of paper consecutively 55 times for 5 days at a stretch. Sometimes, the simple things can be confusing and therefore we would speak about some of the facts about the 55X5 method that will help you to practice it seamlessly.


  • Things you need

The 55×5 method is convenient and simple. Hence, anyone can use it at any point in time. You just need a paper, pen and most importantly an intention. If your intention is powerful and you are keen to make it happen, you just have to spend around ten to twenty minutes every day. The time would depend on the speed of your writing. Patience is the key feature of the method because you have to wait patiently for your intention to be manifested. Good things take time to become a reality.


  • Why you should write 55 times for 5 days

When you have decided to follow the method, you will have to sit and write down your affirmations 55 times on a piece of paper. You can finish the task within 10-20 minutes. Sometimes, this task may seem to be tedious for few people. When you are writing, make sure your mind doesn’t wander around with other tensions of life.

The purpose of writing affirmations is to connect your thoughts with your emotions and body. This takes place through writing and it allows the intention to flow inside your soul. As you continue writing, you should feel excited or thrilled about the consequence. Try to feel your body and attract all the attention you require. You should be able to experience your desire in your mind so that you can attract them towards you easily.


  • The logic behind the success of the 55×5 method

The method of 55X5 works successfully and people have witnessed it. It works because the recurrence is combined with the feelings and it reprograms your subconscious mind to acknowledge your desire as a truth. It is considered a mental hack that bypasses the conscious belief of human beings where there are limitations. It tells you what you can achieve and experience in your life.

  • The spiritual significance of 55×5

Some people trust the 55×5 method because of the angel numbers and spiritual significance. As per numerology, the number 555 means that some major change is heading towards you. Number 5 is also important for shifting energy and movement. The main elements of the exercise are the intention, connection, and visualization that make things happen. It is not always necessary to use 55×5, but you can start with this number and see how it goes for you.

  • Best time to use 55×5 Method

You can use the 55×5 method at any time. However, the best time to try it in the morning. You can make it a part of your morning ritual. If you are busy in the morning, then this can be practiced at night time as well. You can do it before going to bed and make it a nighttime routine. Choose a time that suits your schedule the most. Anytime is much better than not doing it. Make sure whenever you do it, you do it with concentration.

  • Stick to one desire at a time

Many people think about whether they can manifest more than one thing at a time. If you are a beginner, it would be best to stick to one desire. The 55×5 manifesting method is effective because you are using a particular time every day to focus on your intense desire and exclude everything else that surrounds you. At that particular time, you are focusing on one thing and therefore it gets high quality attention. Do not get your desires messed up together; instead, keep it focused and pure.

  • Intention can manifest before 5 days

Some of you can achieve results before 5 days. If you receive your manifestation before the five days schedule, you should not stop the process. It is advisable to keep going and complete the entire process. You should always follow the rituals of manifestation dedicatedly. This way, you would receive everything that you intend to. If you miss a day, you can start over again from day 1. You should check for results after the completion of the whole process.


Helpful tips and tricks for making 55×5 formula work

Though this method is straightforward here are few tips that will help you to maximize its potential.


  • The best time to practice the 55×5 technique is as soon as you wake up. In the morning time as soon as you wake up your energies are fully stored which would help you to concentrate on the writing. However, you can also write it before going to bed.
  • Make your affirmations as short as possible. Making it short would not only be easy for you to write 55 times but you won’t feel bored writing it.
  • Try to visualize your desire while you are writing. Visualizing would keep you engrossed in the particular thought and make your energy work on it. it would also increase your ability to focus.
  • Try to be consistent with the time of writing the affirmations. Make sure to write your affirmations at the same time for 5 consecutive days. If it becomes difficult for you to maintain the exact time at least try to keep it closer to that time.
  • You don’t want to be distracted while writing as it’s not at all recommended. So, ensure tour closed ones know that they are not supposed to bother you. Choose a nice and quiet place from where nobody is audible to you.


  • Don’t share the fact that you are using 55×5 with anyone. Not even to your closed ones. There are chances that they don’t get it and might make you doubt yourself. Doubt is the last thing you need here. It would hamper your success with the 55×5 
  • Don’t write the affirmations wishfully. Your desire is an achievement that you are celebrating in present. Word it in the present tense. Like if you are asking for a dream job write i am enjoying my
  • Don’t quit the exercise keeping it incomplete. Nor should you miss a day within these 5 days. One day miss, and the whole process gets distracted failing. You don’t want that to happen, right?
  • Don’t use any electronic device like laptops or PCs or mobile phones. Old school pen and paper is your best friend here. No order mode of writing will work here. Something works on imprinting words. When you are writing with pen and paper your energies and the universal energies make some kind of process.

55×5 is actually an easy method. All you need to do is be positive take out some time and let your conscious and subconscious mind play the trick. This technique is a great technique to incorporate into your schedule if you are having something super specific that you want to manifest. Want to know how does it work? Look. when you are keeping time aside every day, for consecutive 5 days to practice this technique, you are sending a clear intention to the universe. You are also focusing your maximum positive vibrations on this affirmation of your goal. When you are focusing on your affirmations so intently with so much positivity, it’s starting to grow and this growth can be seen in your physical reality.



The time of result varies from person to person and request to request. Generally, it takes 5 days to manifest your dream; you can even manifest your dream within these 5 days of manifestation. It can be on the very first day itself or it can take time up to 2 weeks after you complete the technique. However, don’t get demotivated or dishearten if your dream isn’t manifested through the 55×5 technique. The process has certainly been implanted in your system. Nothing goes in vain.