Manifestation introduces you to your inner self and desires. So, how to write a manifestation list should be on your priority list.

Manifestation is the spiritual power that combines your dreams and desires and brings to you your reality. It starts by knocking your subliminal mind and putting the list of your desires into a vision initially and later in reality. In this article, I will tell you everything about manifestation and how to write a manifestation list.

As I have told you earlier manifestation connects you to spirituality and eventually to the universe. Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration also work here. If you want to manifest your desires in reality, you need to attract positive energy and the elements you need to achieve that desired reality.

Not only this manifestation also let you differentiate between your true desires (what you want from life) of life and those that are just passing cravings. So, if you want to achieve something that seems hard from your physical eye just see with your inner eye and try grabbing it through manifestation. First and foremost get some tips about how to write a manifestation list.

Steps while creating a manifestation list

There are some obvious and basic steps you need to follow when you write a manifestation list. Following these steps on how to write a manifestation list should take you closer to happiness and ultimately towards the goal you desire wholeheartedly.

While practicing these steps, just make sure you remain committed to your target of feeling good. When you feel good you automatically attract the goodness and positivity in your life which is very important in manifestation. Manifestation is all about happiness and positivity in the vision of life.

Get a specific manifestation notebook

how to write a manifestation list

You would need a physical space for this. Using this specific journal exclusively for the manifestation purpose will help you to know more about your desires and by writing them in the notebook you would be more aware of the reasons for your excitement about your goals.

  • Be clear

The second step towards manifestation is to clear your head. At the beginning of the process, you should take the required time to release all your doubts to be happy. One of the best ways to release your doubts and negative thoughts is prayer. You can pray for the release. Begin with a daily prayer.

Practice praying daily and in your prayer asks the universe to free you from all the hindered beliefs that limit you from believing in your spirituality. Stay alert for the universe will respond to you by showing some signs. Universal assignments may come in different forms. You need an inner vision to understand their assignment. For example, you lose a secured job suddenly, the incident occurs in your life so that you can learn how to be self-reliant and self-strengthen. Trust on these assignments

That comes from the universe. They don’t want to break you but they send you opportunities to clean your energy. To clean your mind from negative thoughts you can also meditate for some time. Meditation helps to eliminate the negative energy in you.

Be specific about your desires and goals

how to write a manifestation list


Once you are released from the doubts and negativity through meditation and prayers you need to be specific about what do you want and ask the universe for the same. You should have a clear view of what you want or else you can manifest things you don’t intend to have. Focus on your goals and make a list of everything that goes with it.

For example, if you want desperately want a specific job make a list of everything associated with the job that makes you happy, the salary the environment of the office, etc. This list helps you to illuminate your intentions and shows you a bright picture of your desire.

The important part of this step is to clarify how you intend to feel. When you get a transparent view of how you desire to feel you can access that feeling easily. That particular feeling of yours makes the manifestation come into a proper form.

Write your desires in the notebook you have selected exclusively for writing the list. You can write enormous lists and make vision boards but if you don’t completely feel what you want manifestation would not be formed. So, feel your desire with a clear soul.

  • Think it, Feel it, believe it

Now it’s time to put the steps together. Now, that you have got a clear intention take out some time from your daily routine life and feel your desires. Think of it for that particular time as many times as you can. You can also access this feeling through vision exercise and meditation. Let your feeling take over your energy.

The more you feel about your desires the more you trust in them and believe it’s coming towards you. From your inner sense if you believe in it then it is already yours. So, spend some time thinking feeling, and most importantly in believing. This way you will attract the desire to come to you easily. Thinking regularly will attract the positive energy of the universe and help you to earn what you want to.

  • Check your energy


how to write a manifestation list

Never forget that energy is everything. The law of attraction makes you understand that the energy you spread to the outer world is the energy that comes back to you. If you are sending positive energy through your thoughts you will attract positive energy back to you which will help you to come closer to your goal. Even you will attract positive people who shall help you in realizing your goals and the same implies negative thoughts.

The good news is raising your energy is quite simple. You just need to focus on the thoughts and activities that breed feelings of happiness and joy. That can be from starting your morning with a yoga class or meditation session. Spending time with nature in the early morning can also lift your energy. You can also donate something to unprivileged people or animals or help elderly people. This way you can realize a hike in your energy.

You can even concentrate on how you intend to feel. For example, if you want to be loved in life then become more loving to others. Focus on kindness and empathy and compassion. The same will revert to you.

  • Be patient and trust in the universe

Have faith in yourself and the entire universe. The process is fluid. The steps were taken by you fewer matters than your belief. That’s why trust your vision, actions, clarity, and above all have faith in the universe. Faith is a powerful guiding force that can connect you with your desire and the universe.

When you are in the ‘know’ you are conscious about your need. When you know you don’t vibrate the energy of fear anymore. Your disbelief droops away and is replaced by knowing. Entering into the ‘know’ comes naturally. When you are attentively practicing the steps you feel happier and clear.

This is a healing process and it leads to the inner knowing that you are right when needed to be. This process helps you to accept that you are already living in the manifestation. With this practice, the universe connects with your energy and your goals come into form.

  • Appreciate your current manifestations

Write down what you appreciate in your life now. Most people ignore the step, but it’s really important to tighten your faith in your capabilities. So, write down the things which make you happy and energetic. Another technique is that you can also have a recap of manifestations that have already come into your life. The more you cultivate faith the more you believe that your dreams are nearer to you. Appreciation can also bring positivity to your life.

Update your manifestation list

How to write a manifestation list


Now, that you have achieved the manifestation, update your journal, don’t write in the present tense, instead, write in the past tense. But this last step is important to make you believe in the universe which had fulfilled your desires and its magic.

If you feel it and want it you will also achieve it. To have access to your manifestation is that you have to be clear about your desires. Don’t send mixed signals to the universe and remain receptive. Ask the universe to fulfil your goals and be alert to catch the signals sent by the universe. Don’t lose faith in yourself and the universe.

how to write a manifestation list

Both of them will change the inner you and you too will be surprised to know about your positivity and ability. This article has taught you how to write a manifestation list so now wait for nothing and start being spiritual for the manifestation of your desires.

Stay committed to this process and has the belief that you are where you are needed to be. If your desire is just to feel good trust in yourself and the universe that you will be equipped with everything you need to have that feeling. The author of manifesting your dreams Mc Kenna says “What you can visualize in your mind you can hold it in your hand’.