Love affirmation for a specific person is magical and you will be crazy after seeing the results. Let me tell you how.

Affirmations are simple and easily understandable positive statements that reveal your goal in a finished form. They are empowering, which affects our conscious and subconscious minds at an extreme level. They have proved their worth time for ages. By saying or hearing powerful affirmation you visualize the same in your brain repeatedly until you trust that affirmation. This way your brain can be reprogrammed and you overwrite the limiting belief that was rooted with the new empowering ones. Love affirmations for a specific person will work for you like wonders. This new belief is equivalent to your new reality.


Love affirmations attract love in your life. By repeating these affirmations persistently, you are shaping your thoughts and emotions and by releasing the positive and loving energy you are bringing your desired love closer to you. The actual thumb rule is to construct a healthy and successful relationship with a specific person; you need to create a strong sense of self-love. This is the most important part of any affirmation but most people miss out on this step. If you miss this step, your affirmation wouldn’t work properly. Know yourself and love yourself before initiating an affirmation. Start from within and diverse the positive energy and joy in an outward direction to that specific one.

love affirmations for a specific person

Affirmations work like crazy. You will get crazy if you see the results of your love affirmation. For example, if you desire a loving relationship with a specific person, you can have it. This is much power is love affirmation. Nevertheless, you have to have a strong sense of belief and understanding of the process and have to be ready to take action. Consciousness and belief will fulfil your desire of being with a person.


Why is Love affirmation for a specific person important?

Love affirmations are designed to help you to attract the love, romance, and fulfilment that you will get after finding your love.

These are magical ways to shape your minds. With the process of love affirmation, you can overcome hindrances that are limiting you to live your life with that specific person. You can get rid of your rooted beliefs. It will quickly raise the state of your mind about love and would also change your thinking through positive emotions and feelings. Don’t take the love affirmations lightly. They can bring wonders to your life. When you consciously start using positive love relationship affirmations daily you are transforming your thoughts and feelings in a wider aspect. Love affirmations for a specific person will also spice up your love life with that person.


love affirmations for a specific person


Affirmations are not just the words you chatter mindlessly in your thoughts, but they are rather the seeds of your positive belief system. The words you repeat in your minds or say in words are the reflections of your feeling and thought and they do have the power to sink into your subconscious mind. A difference between a successful and unsuccessful person also lies in the way they control their minds.

Situations when you’d want to use Love affirmation for a specific person

There are two reasons or cases when you would want the love affirmation to do the magic.


  • Case1


There is already someone in your heart but they don’t know you well or maybe they don’t love you back. In this case, you should use positive affirmations to aim at the person and change the consequences accordingly.


There are few questions you should ask yourself before starting the affirmation. They are:


Will you both be happy in the relationship or it’s just you who wants your love? Does the person already have someone in his life? If the person you are seeking is single and he/she will also be happy with you and if it is your genuine thought then go ahead. Affirmation love with a person will cross your energies and create positive soul connections between you two which will help to build a healthy relationship.

love affirmations for a specific person



  • Case 2

You have that idea of the specific person and his/her qualities but you have not yet met him. This situation is perfect for love affirmations. This time you already know about your desires and the kind of person you want, this is time you ask the universe for it and spread your hands to open it. This time you just need to affirm your love in thoughts or writing every day. Love affirmations for a specific person will also guide you to maintain a healthy relationship with your that someone special.

Some Love affirmations for your specific person are:


  • I feel grateful that I have got such a partner.
  • My partner and I are perfect soul mates
  • I am in a peaceful relationship with my partner
  • I can sense a divine love connecting me with my soul mate.
  • I feel energetic loved, and cherished in my relationship
  • I feel like heaven when I am with my partner.
  • Our relationship is the priority of both of us.
  • My partner is attracted to me.
  • My partner is a loyal person and very loyal to me
  • I understand self-love daily creates the best relationship
  • I am irresistible to my partner
  • I enjoy romance and sexual pleasure with my partner
  • I trust the universe and my soul mate.
  • I am at ease with my relationship
  • I connect to the divine daily

How to manifest your love fast?

You can’t make a specific person love you back just with positive thinking alone. However, you can use the positive energy of your feelings and thoughts to a specific relationship that you deserve. If that is the right person for you, manifesting-love by using love affirmations will bring them into your life naturally. To manifest your love trust yourself and the universe wholeheartedly. You can also follow these steps to manifest your love.

love affirmations for a specific person



  • Visualization


At the very moment after waking up, just think about the specific person you love. Imagine how he smiles; makes you laugh or holds your hand. As you are imagining, you are feeling like it’s just happening with you. You have to pretend as if you are dreaming and have to believe that it’s happening in reality. Expect to see your partner during the daytime maybe in restaurants, movie theatres even in social gatherings. Imagine how happy he would be to see you. Act like you are already dating the person. Here are few proven steps on how to manifest that specific person.


Visualizing your love encourages you to imagine a vivid picture of your loved one with you. If you want to make these mental images crystal clear you need to have the clearest idea about your specific person. If you miss any of the details you may send mixed signals into the universe and that will then be harder to manifest your desired person.


  • Meditation for love


Meditate and be mindful as much as possible. It’s known that strong attachment, strong love, and hatred distort our consciousness. You should understand emotions can elevate and inspire you


How to meditate? Sit in a comfortable position with your arms rested on your knees. Focus on your feeling while breathing. You are recommended to do this meditation every day for at least half an hour. Meditation brings you closer to the powerful universe and when the universe listens to your desire it revert it with fulfilment.

love affirmations for a specific person



  • Gratitude


When you are not grateful for what you have then you can’t be happy with more. This is simple to understand. Thank the universe for fulfilling your dream to manifest your love. Also, thank your future partner. Always thank them and appreciate them for their effort they put in every day to make the relationship more beautiful don’t say thank you mindlessly.


How to use words of affirmation in your relationship?

In the case of love affirmations, words are crucial. No matter whether you speak or write them, it will make a huge impact on the target person. Your words would speak volumes to the person without you putting in a lot of effort. Here the goal is to let your partner know how much they are important to you and you care for them. We have mentioned some tips on how you can speak the language of love powerfully.


  • Be Authentic– If you want to use words of affirmation as the main love language, you should make sure that you are being authentic while talking to your partner. The words that you utter should come from your heart. Your partner would easily be able to recognize the words that you have made up. Always be natural and true with the words.


  • Stay empathetic– When you are using words of affirmation, you must realize how your partner is feeling at the moment. When your partner is not in a good mood, try to understand why they are feeling down and think how it feels like to be in that bad mood. When you understand them thoroughly, then demonstrate that you know how they are feeling. Only when you can empathize you will be able to use the correct words of affirmation.


  • Appreciate them– If your partner is someone who feels positive with the good comments and appreciation, you should try to appreciate them for every little effort that they make. You can appreciate them for the meal that they cooked or how they did the laundry perfectly. When you tell them, that you liked their works, their heart would fill up with delight and it will enhance your relationship.


  • Send them letters– In the era of the internet and the web, emails are a brilliant way to communicate when you are in a hurry. However, there is always something amazingly special about mailing love letters. Therefore, whenever, you feel like it, you can just take out a paper and pen to start writing your thoughts for your partner. When you send the letter, your partner would be surprised to receive it.


  • Praise them in front of others– You should always make efforts to complement your partner in front of guests or any outsiders. When you speak the words of affirmation in front of others, you make them feel good. Tell your guests that how much you are proud of your partner and this will touch your partner’s heart. Never shy away from revealing your love for your partner in public.


  • Words of affirmation should become a habit– If you are a person who has never used the words of affirmation, you should consider making it a habit. Beginning a conversation with the pet name of your partner is a wonderful idea to get started. Addressing them as beautiful or angels will make them feel special and every ordinary day would be a day of love for both of you.


Do positive love affirmations work?

My answer is yes, but in some cases, it might not. Those cases are if you want someone who is already in a relationship the love affirmation wouldn’t work. If you use love affirmation for any negative intention it won’t work. Affirmations are connected to Universe and the universe releases only positive energies. If your intentions are filled with love and positivity, the universe will make it happen with its full force. Another thing you should keep in mind that what you are seeking should touch a chord with you.

love affirmations for a specific person

Affirmations are one of the tools of manifestation. The use of affirmations for realizing your goals has been practiced for centuries. Positive love affirmations offer you the platform to find your love, relationship, and romance in your life. Use your love affirmations to keep you serene and free from any kind of anxiety. Love affirmations for a specific person will not only bring you closer to that person but also make you a positive person. Remember ‘what you are seeking is seeking you and love affirmations confirm the same.