Transformations are always a sign of a new beginning. Be ready to get introduced to new and awesome you with spiritual affirmations.

The word affirmation is derived from the Latin word ‘affirmare’ which means ‘to make steady and strengthen’. Among the affirmations, the spiritual affirmations are the most powerful ones because they take you to connect with the Divine. Spiritual affirmations are non-materialistic and they enlighten your soul. It might be unknown to you, but neuroscience has already proved that your thoughts can change the structure of your mind. By practicing positive affirmations, you create a new database in your brain that processes your thoughts. Repetition is the key. Affirmations are very simple. They are simply anything that you think and speak about.


Using affirmations means deliberately taking control of your thoughts. If you use it with other strategies, it will create a confident mindset for your success. If your conscious mind is resisting you to from your progress affirmations neutralizes them.


Spiritual affirmations are similar to prayers, repeat them as much as you can in the entire day and get closer to your goal. Affirmations strengthen you and make you believe in your goals and your capacity to achieve them. When you affirm your dream goal, you are immediately unchained from the doubts and fears.


Principles to use spiritual affirmations to reshape your life

spiritual affirmations

Here we would tell you how you could use the spiritual affirmations to bring a positive transformation in your life. These guiding principles would be efficiently helping you in your journey.


  • Limit the beliefs and release your attachment– Set your beliefs free and let them fly. Don’t chain their wings. Limiting your beliefs in a bounded area means you are limiting your mind within traditional chains. To do this, you should make space for positive or spiritual affirmations. This would only be possible when you open up your mind and replace the negative beliefs that limit you from gaining success. Whenever any thought or belief crop up in your mind, you should ask yourself whether it is useful for your goal. If it is contrary to your goals, you should change it.


  • Create spiritual affirmations that seem natural– The affirmations become powerful and meaningful to you only when you believe them with the whole heart. If some of the affirmations don’t look true for you, you should avoid them. Use those affirmations that would help you to move in the right direction. If you can create natural affirmations, you will always be able to stick to the right path and become whatever you want to.


  • Use “I am” whenever possible– The phrase “I am” is extremely powerful in your life because when you attach “I am” it will boost up your potential level. You will become whatever you attach “I am” with. The spiritual force inside you focuses on whatever follows the “I am” phrase. Try to attach positive words to the phrase so that you can activate a superpower that is capable of producing optimum results. Use “I am” statements to display the qualities that you want to see within yourself. When you say, “I can fulfill my desires and transform my life” you will install the powerful energy and it will produce the desired results.


  • Use affirmations in the present tense– It is a fact that Universe literally hears your thoughts and responds accordingly. You should make it a point to create spiritual affirmations that would serve you well in the present instead of some future date. There is a difference in the sentences “I will transform my life” and “I am transforming my life”. When you say, “I am transforming my life” you are affirming your progress today and you will be able to feel the difference from the present day. The sentence “I will transform my life” will keep your progress held up for some future date.


  • Use the spiritual affirmations when you are in a peaceful state– You should understand that the spiritual affirmations go through your subconscious mind seamlessly when you are in a peaceful state or relaxed. Repeating the affirmations throughout the day is crucial; however, you should create some serene and tranquil time to enhance the effects. You should sit in some quiet space and repeat the spiritual affirmations. Utter your affirmations with a deep feel. You should be able to feel the qualities that you affirm throughout the day


Some powerful spiritual affirmations that bring positivity to your life

These spiritual affirmations will show you the way on your journey of reshaping your life. It works because it transforms your brain and shows a new perspective and makes you think differently.

spiritual affirmations


  • I am a pure soul
  • I am the architect and the creator of my reality
  • I see beauty and love in everything
  • Meditating regularly is something I can’t do without.
  • I have complete faith in God and he gives me the strength
  • I can create miracles.
  • I am not my past anymore and my past is not me
  • I am becoming knowledgeable and wiser each passing day.
  • I will accomplish all my goals.
  • I am protected by Divinity
  • I radiate happiness and positivity.
  • My mind is calm and my soul is at peace
  • My Universe and the Divine support me in every possible way

I believe in the Divine, and the universe will help me to transform my life.

spiritual affirmations


Spiritual mindsets that would help you to transform your life


  • Trusting that better things are coming


If in any case you are frustrated or uncertain about where you are going to end up just have faith in yourself and remember this time is temporary. Make sure your inner peace remains intact. Better things are coming in your way.


  • Enjoy the process of transformation


Mindfulness is all about living in present. When you are on a journey of transformation enjoy the moments that are passing by. Visit new places. Exploring new places will not only help you in your journey but it would also bring you new experiences by meeting new and unique people of the world. Do things that bring peace to your mind, it may be gardening or spending time with your pets. These hobbies will take you closer to nature and ultimately closer to the universe.


  • Focus on your strengths and weaknesses


Nobody is perfect on this Earth. Everybody has weaknesses and there is nothing to get ashamed of. Accept the fact and try to overcome your weaknesses. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. If you wish to overcome your weaknesses trust me your subconscious mind and the universe will help you in the procedure.


Focus on levelling up your strength. As soon as your strength gets levelled up your weakness starts to diminish gradually.


  • Stop worrying about the past


Past is past, you cannot bring it back or improve it. So, don’t waste time worrying about it. If you worry or regret about the past your affirmations won’t be strong enough.

How to prepare to transform your life to positivity


  • Keep simple


Affirmations should be simple for you to remember, otherwise, you won’t get to comprehend your goals. Relaxation is needed in this process of affirmations. Without relaxing your mind you won’t be able to hear your inner feeling. The confidence that you will successfully win in the weight loss program comes from the inner feeling.


  • Confidence is the key


Stand up tall, perk up your posture. Start to say your affirmations list one by one, in a confident and firm tone of voice. Go through the list like you believe it and its real. Make sure you speak slowly and confidently as the confident speakers don’t rush their words and pronounce each word clearly and meaningfully. Your self-confidence is your only motivator. The external sources that motivate you can be concluded but your self-confidence comes from your inner senses and last till you have accomplished your goal.


  • Speak with emotions


Positive emotions bring quicker results. The more positive emotions you invest while pronouncing your affirmations the quicker your results will arrive. Because when you speak with emotions your words are absorbed by your subconscious mind which keeps on reminding you about your goal knowingly or unknowingly.


  • Practice everyday


Practice makes things perfect is a true phrase. If not perfect, at least as near to perfect as possible. The more you practice your spiritual affirmations the more you transform yourself to acquire the mantras as your reality. This will help to transform your behavior and positive feeling will step in. However, you have to make sure you don’t miss this step of practicing affirmations, or demotivating events that may come your way and you may get distracted.


  • Don’t get distracted


Every human being is not the same. Where some are there to guide you, some may also demotivate you from your journey. Their opinions might distract you from achieving your goal, leaving it incomplete. The effort you have invested so far will go in vain. Ignore such negative energies and don’t think about them further. When you are in the process of spiritual affirmations negativity will distract you so it can’t be welcomed. With practicing affirmations also train yourself to eliminate negative energies that would hinder you from reaching your goal.


  • Involvement of yoga in your transformation journey


While most people feel yoga has only physical benefits, it’s good to know that the practice of yoga benefits us in various ways. Many may be ignorant about the fact that yoga is not just about stretches, postures, and strengthening of muscles, but yoga is deeply rooted in spirituality and they have deeper objectives. The holistic effect achieved through yoga not only enables your physical flexibility and strength but also improves your mentality, concentration and emotions. Practicing yoga daily will induce happiness in your life. Give it a try.


This ancient science travels beyond the mere physical features and deepens the connection between your body, your mind, and most importantly your spirit. So, including yoga in your spiritual affirmations would not only bring you in shape but would also awaken your consciousness to lead a healthy mindset. Apart from this yoga can also reshape your body.


Meditation is a primary part of yoga and would play a major role in your journey of transformation. All you need to do is sit straight with folded legs, rest your wrist on your knees and close your eyes. You can utter some specific mantras or you may also stay blank. Meditate for half an hour. You can start watching the change in your life within few days. Yoga controls the wandering of your mind and develops better mind control through meditation primarily and also through asanas and pranayama.

You must be having the question that if spiritual affirmations work or not. My answer lies in the definition of affirmation itself. As I told you earlier affirmation is nothing but your thought and belief about something. So, if you think the affirmations would work for you, they will and if you strongly believe they won’t work, then they won’t. It’s pretty simple. Isn’t it? You need to understand whatever you are thinking, that thought of yours is working. It’s anything that you expect or think. You affirm according to your beliefs. The universe brings that thought back to us in form of experiences.


So, think positively. Think you can achieve what your desire, like if you desire a dream job or dream lover or even if you desire of being a millionaire with the help of spiritual affirmations, you will achieve the same. Spiritual affirmations help you to achieve your desired goals. Not just this you can be a better person full of positive vibes if you follow the steps of it and have complete faith in the universe. Think positively in every circumstance of life, have faith in the Divine, be kind to everyone, help the people who need you to be with them. If you practice these gestures of yours persistently you would become a pure soul.